All OUR packages can be customized

Not all the data is listed here. Tell us about your need!

We provide raster files (GRIB1/2, GeoTiff or other formats) or point API (json, csv, xml, Excel...)

Reference packages:


  • 2m temperature, humidity, dew-point

  • 10m wind and gusts

  • low, middle, high cloud-cover

  • precipitations

  • sea-level pressure

  • 500hPa geopotential

Solar Energy

  • Global horizontal irradiance (GHI)

  • Diffuse horizontal irradiance (DHI)

  • Direct normal irradiance (DNI)

    (Cloud-covered or clear-sky forecasts available)

Wind Energy

  • Wind and gusts at 10, 50, 100, 150, 200, 250m


  • Soil moisture

  • Evaporation

  • Sun irradiance

  • Heat-index

  • Hail risk

  • Freezing risk

  • Altitude data: wind, temperature, humidity, clouds

  • Visibility

  • Icing

  • Thermal activity

  • Turbulence

  • Extreme weather (hail, lightning, tornado…)